A Leonardo da Vinci painting “Salvator Mundi” sold for $450m, November 16, 2017, smashing all records as the the highest-priced work sold privately  at auction.  If you don’t have a current evaluation of your fine art, even though you probably don’t own a Da Vinci, it might be time to get an appraisal, as the value of your art has most likely gone up since you bought it.

Our appraisal procedure is very simple.  Just fill out the appropriate Appraisal Request FORM  and mail it along with your Profile FORM, photos & payment!   With few exceptions, there is no need for a site visit.   A couple of reasons for getting a professional appraisal are for insurance and tax purposes, for example art donations.   NIA has appraised over 5000 private, corporate municipal collections worldwide.  We are regularly called upon to consult with government agencies, including the IRS, FBI, RTC, DEA, and the U.S. Marshall’s office.   One of the major advantages of NIA’s appraisal process is that once a collection has been evaluated, this is a lifetime appraisal, so clients only pay a small fee, for updated appraisals. You will find a lot of valuable information about art appraisals on this site, and you can begin the process of getting an appraisal here.