Appraiser Credentials

NIA, which has been providing appraisal services for over thirty years, is a highly selective membership organization of the nation’s leading appraisers of fine art.  Its nationally respected membership specializes in paintings, drawings, photographs, graphics and sculpture from antiquity through contemporary works of art.

Candidates of NIA certification must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  1. Academic credentials in personal property evaluation.
  2. A specialization in fine art.
  3. 5 years apprenticeship and practical experience
  4. Written and oral examination.
  5. Senior membership affiliation with other recognized appraisal associations may be acceptable.

Accepted candidates after certification join the company as independent Senior Appraisers carry the designation NIA after their name.

Members are required to be tested and certified every 5 years, must attend ongoing insurance and art related educational workshops and seminars deemed essential to their expertise and professionalism.  Membership is also open to museum, universities and art galleries where work interrelates with the appraisal profession.  They may join as Associate Members, but may not participate in the formal appraisal process.

NIA appraisers have conducted scores of lectures to museums, universities, galeries and insurance company executives.  We have had numerous articles written about us in art and insurance publicans and our members have authored articles for the art and insurance industry.

Edward N. Okil
(Senior Certified Appraiser – National Institute of Appraisers)

Regularly recommended by dozens of museums, insurance companies and more that 400 galleries, framing companies, conservationists and restorers. 


• 50 years in fine arts

• 30 years in fine art appraisals (valuation experience with insurance, estate dissolution, liquidation, loan collateralization and I.R.S. donations)

• 20 years as an art dealer

• 13 years of expert witness testimony, litigation consultation and arbitration for insurance claims

• 2004- appointed to Los Angeles Superior Court Panel of Experts

• 23 years lecturing to museums, universities, insurance companies, art associations, galleries, attorney groups, probate referees, estate planners and private collectors

• 19 years authoring and producing articles, training manuals and videos

• 14 years as the Executive Director – National Institute of Appraisers
6 years as the Director – National Institute of Appraisers

• 11 years as a private dealer in fine arts and as a gallery owner

• 4 years (2 terms) as the Executive Director – American Fine Arts Council

• 4 years as a member of the Fine Arts Committee – University of Judaism

• Recertification by the National Institute of Appraisers (every 5 years)


Member of the New England Appraisers Association.
ICAI (International Center for Art Intelligence), a not for profit organization composed of international scientific and art professionals who are dedicated to research into problems of art history, art materials, techniques, and methods for analyzing and study works of art.


Study in art and valuation courses (1964-1972)

Annual attendance at seminars, meetings and forums in appraising techniques (nationwide)

Participation and completion of education courses regarding appraisal methodology related to Resolution Trust Corporation and Internal Revenue Service requirements, corporate Liquidation, bankruptcy, insurance and insurance claims, trial expert and expert witness testimony.