Expert Listings

The National Institute of Appraisers is regularly recommended by dozens of museums, insurance companies and more that 400 galleries, framing companies, conservationists and restorers.  Below is an incomplete listing of expert listings, lectures, recommendations


• Expert Resources Journal
• California Bar Association
• Forensic Expert Advisers, Inc.

Governmental Agency Clients (partial list)

• Resolution Trust Corporation
• Drug Enforcement Agency
• The United States Marshall’s Office

Lectures & Seminars (partial list)

• Authenticity in the Art World – Tucson Museum of Art
• Professional Insurance Agents Association (P.I.A.)
• Los Angeles Art Dealers Association
• Independent Insurance Agent Brokers
• International Facilities Manager’s Association (I.F.M.A.)
• Professional Picture Framers Association (P.P.F.A.)
(7 Individual regional western division chapters)
• “Scientific Detection of Fakery in Art” , a seminar for SPIE
(International Society for Optical Engineering_ – Boston, Mass
• “Conservation, Restoration, Authenticity” International Art Fair
Palm Springs, California,
• Professional Picture Framers Association (P.P.F.A.) (several
chapters  throughout California )
• Managing Your Personal Art Collection (Pepperdine University)
• Brandeis National Women’s Committee (Newport Beach )
• Brandeis National Women’s Committee (Los Angeles )
• Brandeis National Women’s Committee (Walnut Creek)
• University of Judaism
• Front Street Arts Festival (San Francisco)
• Professional Picture Framers Association (P.P.F.A.) National
Convention – San Jose )
• American Society of Interior Designers (A.S.I.D.) (“Westweek”)
• California Probate Referees State Convention
• Institute of Business designers (I.B.D.)
• Managing Your Personal Art Collection (Laguna Beach Art Museu )
• Managing Your Personal Art Collection (Palm Springs Museum of Art)