Research and Documentation

At the NIA, The Fine Arts Appraisal is not a survey of Asking Prices or Publisher’s Listed Retail Prices.  It is not an educated guess or a computer generated update of last year’s prices.  It is instead, a thorough investigation of recent prices actually paid for similar objects throughout the world.

NIA has acquired a unique database of the world’s important works of art that regularly appear at auction. Our primary database contains over 50 years of these auction results, covering almost 3 million works of art, by more that 250 thousand artists from 450 different auction houses around the world.

Other databases fill a key need in helping evaluate art that is not handled by international auction houses. This non-auction art represents 98% of art work bought and sold annually.

NIA Certified Appraisals have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of insurance providers.

The NIA appraisal is written for your specific purposes. These include, but are not limited to:

Insurance Value – For damage, loss or new coverage.

Fair Market Value – For for estate, distribution, trust planning or division and divorce.

Market Value – For liquidation, collateral and the sale of works of art.


NIA has appraised thousands of private, corporate and municipal collections worldwide. We are regularly called upon to consult with government agencies including the IRS, FBI, RTC, DEA and the US Marshall ‘s office.  Here is an incomplete list of some of our clientele.


NIA has a preprinted Fee Schedule . Fees are based on a flat fee per item, that is determined and paid for in advance.

We are in the office to assist you 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Our Toll Free Number is 1-800-676-2148.

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