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Our appraisal procedure is very simple! Just fill out the appropriate Appraisal Request  Form and mail it along with your photos & payment!  Most appraisals do not require a home visit.  We are specialists in works of fine art from antiquity through contemporary.NIA Certified Appraisals have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of insurance providers.


Here are the basic steps to get an appraisal

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All Certified Senior Appraisers with the National Institute of Appraisers are required to adhere to a strict code of ethics and are completely free of conflicts of interest. This is critical for your protection and ensures accurate evaluations.

NIA has acquired a unique database of the world’s important works of art that regularly appear at auction. Our primary database contains over 50 years of these auction results, covering almost 3 million works of art, by more that 250 thousand artists from 450 different auction houses around the world.

Other databases fill a key need in helping evaluate art that is not handled by international auction houses. This non-auction art represents 98% of art work bought and sold annually.