Appraisal Request terms
All fees are due at the time of the initial examination, in advance of research and document preparation.I understand the fee remitted by me at this time is only an estimate of the total fees due. (Since the precise amount can only be ascertained at the completion of the formal evaluation.)

I further understand that if the total appraisal fees due upon completion of the formal appraisal fall into a higher category (according to the current posted Fee Schedule). I will be notified in advance and will have the option to pursue or cancel the appraisal.

If the fee is higher and I elect to proceed with the appraisal, I understand that I will agree to the difference and pay such amounts in addition to the original estimated payment.

If the fee is lower than the estimate I have paid, I understand that I will receive a refund of the difference which will be remitted with the completed appraisal.


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