Realizing that 8 out of 10 works of art may be incorrectly evaluated, most insurance carriers now require independent appraisals, and no longer accept bills of sale or appraisals given by the seller of the art.

After three decades of setting the standards nationally in the field of fine art appraisals, we are at your service for the following:


Insurance Bankruptcy
Divorce Division
Pre-purchase Evaluations Dissolution
Pre-sale Evaluations Estate-Probate
Collateral IRS Charitable Contribution


There is No Minimum

NIA will appraise a single piece or an entire collection.



NIA has one or more certified appraisers who specialties include painting, sculpture, graphics and collectables in the following categories:

Animation Impressionist & Modern Art
Antiquities Latin American Paintings
British Paintings (1500-1850) Modern Prints
British Paintings (from 1850) Native American Art
Ceramics, Pottery, Glass Old Masters Drawings
Contemporary Art Old Masters Paintings
Contemporary Prints Old Master Prints
European Art (1500-1850) Oriental Art
European Art (from 1850) Photographs
Pre-Columbia Art